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COVID-19 Announcement

Black Moon Botanica is currently closed in line with the Scottish government’s advice regarding social distancing measures. My small shop makes distancing very difficult, and the safety of my customers and my own health is not worth the risk.
The online shop will be open again as soon as I can re-stock and catch up with orders.
Thank you all SO MUCH for your help and support in this crazy time. We have all learned to adapt and transform so much this year, and hopefully to be kind and supportive to those around us.
My warmest wishes to all of you
Black Moon Botanica


My name is Brooke and I’m the owner of Black Moon Botanica, a magical new shop in the historic heart of Edinburgh’s old town, in Scotland.

I’ve been making candles since I was a teenager, with a lifelong interest in natural magic and ancient traditions, and studied Herbology at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh. My dream was to open a store that could offer an eclectic and personally curated collection of beautiful tarot, artwork, sustainably sourced crystals, herbs, books, and most importantly, handmade artisan candles. Situated on historic Candlemaker Row, I’m bringing candlemaking back to its original home from the 1600s.


The location is of personal significance for me, as several generations of my family lived directly above the shop.

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