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Something Witchy This Way Comes…

We are so excited to bring Black Moon Botanica to Europe and beyond!


Black Moon Botanica opened in early 2019, the creation of Brooke Mackay-Brock, who’s been interested in witchcraft from a young age. Brooke is an astrologer and herbologist, interested in natural magic and ancient traditions. She started making candles for her practice as a teenager, and studied Herbology at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Brooke’s dream was to create a shop that could offer a beautifully curated collection of unique tarot, artwork, ritual tools, herbs, crystals, books, handmade artisan candles and perfumes. Brooke now runs the business with her Dutch partner, Pieter-Paul Groenhuijsen. Together they make all of the candles, wax melts, perfume oils, bath soaks, herbal blends, and a lot more besides. The shop on Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh remains the home of the business, but Amsterdam is our next adventure.


Our new location is in the heart of Amsterdam, just steps away from the world-renowned Rijksmuseum. The building at Spiegelgracht 30 is a historic rijksmonument house, dating from 1675. We have lovingly restored and redecorated the shop to fit with the history of the building, and we are so excited to welcome you to Amsterdam!


For those who are further afield and can’t make it to either location in person, we now offer international shipping from the EU online store, via our Amsterdam base.



Home Black Moon Botanica


Home Black Moon Botanica


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